Scioto Peninsula Project Overview

A Revitalization of the Scioto Peninsula

Redeveloping the Scioto Peninsula was introduced, most recently, in the 2010 Downtown Strategic Plan, which proposed extending the mixed-use development pattern prevalent throughout Downtown Columbus to the Peninsula. The Strategic Plan emphasized the opportunity of building upon the existing cultural and educational institutions located on the Peninsula in order to create a new neighborhood development that would both define the City of Columbus and help to revitalize East Franklinton, an area occupied by many vacant lots and underutilized properties. With the addition of two new bridges across the Scioto River, an ambitious plan for East Franklinton, and the Scioto Greenways project, there is now even more reason to revitalize the Scioto Peninsula. 

With the addition of two new bridges across the Scioto River, an ambitious plan for East Franklinton, and the Scioto Greenways project, there is now even more reason to revitalize the Scioto Peninsula.

On April 3, 2012, the City of Columbus and Franklin County, as major land owners on the Peninsula, asked the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation to lead the process to create a strategic land use plan for the Scioto Peninsula. After several months of analysis, brainstorming, and conversations with major stakeholders, CDDC hosted a public meeting on November 8, 2012 to share the framework of a strategic land use plan for the Scioto Peninsula with the community. At the public meeting, comments and suggestions were solicited from community members, which enhanced the preliminary framework.

On August 13, 2013 the Scioto Peninsula Master Plan was presented to the public and to the media at COSI. A year in the making and representing almost 100 stakeholder meetings and more than 450 public comments, the Plan included concepts for a new Veterans Memorial and Museum, development of over 1,000 residential units, as well as a complementary park and retail space.

One of the major considerations during the development of the strategic land use plan was the future of the current Veterans Memorial facility. CDDC staff and project stakeholders established a Veterans Committee in the fall of 2012 to guide the process and provide input on what veterans wanted to see in a memorial. The Committee was chaired by one of Ohio’s most decorated veterans, Senator John Glenn, and included veterans spanning every service branch and conflict from World War II to the present day. The committee recommended creating a new Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum on the site of the current Franklin County Veterans Memorial convention facility that would educate visitors - especially children - about honor and duty to country in a new and experiential way. 

The new memorial, the Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum, will serve as a tribute to the service, stories, and experiences of veterans across Ohio, as well as a reminder to generations that follow that service is important and valued. The museum will feature interactive exhibits, using sight, sound, and touch to bring the combat and civilian experiences of veterans to life. 

In addition to this new cultural addition to the Scioto Peninsula, the largely vacant ground between COSI and the elevated railroad tracks to the west is earmarked in the strategic land use plan for mixed-use development that takes advantage of the Downtown skyline views, proximity to river parks, and logistics strengthened by new bridges that include pedestrian and sustainable enhancements. Predominantly mid-rise, but with low and high-rise components, the 1,000 to 1,200 residential units will feature ground-floor retail and a complementary park. This new dynamic neighborhood will extend the energy of Downtown and connect to East Franklinton.