Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum

With its nearly 900,000 veterans, Ohio has the sixth-largest state population of former service men and women in the country. Many of our employees, friends, and family members have served the United States with honor, heeding the call of duty. To acknowledge veterans’ contributions to our free and safe society, we must share the stories and experiences of those who left, those who stayed, and those who never returned.

The Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum (OVMM) will be the first statewide veterans museum in Ohio. Neither a war memorial nor a military museum, OVMM will present a narrative journey exploring the stories of veterans in an effort to pay tribute to the sacrifices of service men and women as well as those of their families. Interactive exhibits will depict the transformative experience that occurs during military service: whether it happens in combat or during a humanitarian aid mission, whether behind a computer screen or underneath a vehicle making repairs. Both the uniquely individual and the collectively shared experiences of veterans throughout history will be presented against an educational backdrop representing the larger context of world events since the earliest days of our nation.

When Senator John Glenn convened a group of veterans representing every United States conflict since World War II, the discussion centered on how to best honor their fellow service men and women. Ultimately, they recommended the development of an institution infused with a sense of gratitude for our veterans that would also educate children about the important role and sacrifices that service members, and Ohioans in particular, have played throughout the history of our country. OVMM will fulfill this mission as directed by Senator Glenn and the Advisory Committee by instituting the following core goals:

  • Honor Ohioans’ contributions to our country through military service.
  • Connect civilians with veterans and their military experiences.
  • Inspire visitors to serve their community and nation as active, engaged citizens.
  • Educate schoolchildren about the history and value of service via an interactive permanent exhibition that links directly to portions of Ohio’s educational standards.

Additionally, serving as the future site of both individual reflection and community celebration, the rooftop Sanctuary and surrounding Memorial Grove will host events recognizing active duty members and veterans. Homecoming ceremonies, ROTC trainings and graduations, celebrations, and parades are a few of the ways in which the institution will serve as a civic focal point on the Scioto Peninsula.

Built on the site of the former Franklin County Veterans Memorial convention facility, OVMM will be an iconic architectural and educational addition to the Scioto Peninsula. The Museum and surrounding greenspace are scheduled to open in Spring/Summer 2017.

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